Rack Plating

Rack plating is ideal for intricate parts, larger parts and parts which require a higher quality finish. Rack electroplating offers a flawless surface, brighter finish and excellent bonding. As the parts are not in contact with anything except for one or two contact points to a hook or wire, there is no scratching, denting or any other damage or imperfections that can be caused by barrel plating. Rack plating combined with Spectrum’s proprietary pre-plate polishing and burnishing systems offer the highest level and quality of electroplating.

Spectrum Metal Finishing, Inc. offers rack plating systems for gold plating, silver plating, nickel plating, black nickel plating, brass plating, copper plating, electroless nickel plating, and our environmentally friendly chrome alternative. Throughout Spectrum’s thirty years of experience in the electroplating and metal finishing industries we have developed several proprietary methods of rack plating to ensure that the dynamic needs of all our customers and their products are met. We regularly develop new racking systems to satisfy your ever changing needs.

To learn more about what method of plating is best for your product or to see how Spectrum will rack your unique product for rack plating, please send us more details about your product using this form. Please include the details of your product such as size and shape of product, application of product, required finish, what substrate or base material the product is made of, annual quantity and any other information that would help us provide an accurate quotation. All inquiries will be replied to within 24 hours of receipt.