Gold Plating Services


Gold Plating is an electrode position process which deposits a thin layer of Gold onto the surface of another metal, such as a nickel plated Surface over some other base metal, by chemical or electrochemical means. Early applications of gold plating were almost exclusively for decorative purposes.

Gold, a precious metal, does not oxidize in air and, therefore, retains its electrical conductivity over long periods of time.  The rise of the electrical and electronic industries over the last fifty years has created uses for gold based on its chemical inertness, electrical conductivity and resistance to arc flashes in electrical applications. Gold is now commonly used on semi-conductors, industrial equipment and electronic connectors of all kinds.

Because of its high price and its high cost in relation to other electrodeposited metals and precious metals, it has always been important to deposit gold only in those areas and at such thickness as the application actually required. Thus selective techniques for gold deposition were developed quite early, and continue to be improved to this day.

Spectrum’s Gold Plating Services are offered in both rack plating and barrel plating in a variety of sizes and specifications. Our 24K Gold Baths are meticulously maintained to offer you the brightest, hardest and most wear-resistant Gold.

To receive more information on Spectrum’s Gold Plating Services, please submit the details of your inquiry using this Form. Please include the details of your product such as size and shape of product, application of product, required finish, what substrate or base material the product is made of, annual quantity and any other information that would help us provide an accurate quotation. All inquiries will be replied to within 24 hours of receipt.